River Rafting


Rafting in Ladakh is an electrifying activity par excellence where you get to take pleasure in the hurly-burly of Indus and Zanskar Rivers. The experience here is quite different from anywhere across the world owing to the breathtaking surroundings and the deep gorges of the Ladakh Valley. Options are many when it comes to River Rafting in Ladakh; the preeminent stretch especially for professional rafters is on the Indus between Spituk and Nimu or Saspol which is graded between two to three on the International River Grading Scale (IRS) of one to six.

Zanskar River, an out-of-the-way Himalayan offshoot is one of the most stunning passable gorges in the world. Also known as the 'Grand Canyon of the Great Himalayas', rafting in the Zanskar withholds a voyage all the way through a geologic ecstasy, submersion into a Zanskari culture, unknown to the modern-day world in addition to the exhilarating white water escapade.

Rafting, here in Ladakh, can be more thrilling if you choose Spic n Span Holidays for the organisation holds the track record for organizing beguiling rafting tours for its customers. With professional rafters on board, they can surely help you have a gala time on the White Waters of Ladakh. So if you have time and do not queue in the list of timorous humans then here is your chance to chuck your fears and experience the adventure of a lifetime.

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